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Priligy is a medical product that allows you to prolong sexual intercourse. For this reason, they don’t fight erectile dysfunction like Viagra does. After taking the pill, it is possible to significantly increase the duration of sexual intercourse by slowing down the onset of orgasm. Premature ejaculation when using the drug is excluded. Priligy is represented on the market in a wide variety, but one of the most effective remains Dapoxetine .

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Priligy Generic 60

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Purpose and features of Priligy

All adult males can take the pill. The purpose of Dapoxetine is to slow down an orgasm that occurs prematurely. As a result, it is possible to delay the end of sexual intercourse, which allows both partners to enjoy sex. Early ejaculation after starting taking the drug will be a thing of the past. The drug is suitable for situational or regular use, since it is not addictive. 

How Priligy works

Priligy generics are distinguished by the presence of a special active ingredient in the composition, which is Dapoxetine. This compound acts as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. The duration of sexual intercourse is affected by the state of a man’s nervous system. Dapoxetine can slow down chemical reactions that occur in certain areas of the brain and cause early ejaculation.

Dapoxetine allows you to delay serotonin between neurons, which corrects the work of the receptors of the nervous system. Prolongation of sexual intercourse occurs due to a delayed command from the brain for the onset of orgasm.

Taking Dapoxetine

Tablets are usually taken 1-3 hours before sexual intercourse. The drug should be washed down with a sufficient amount of clean water, as the liquid accelerates the metabolism. As a result, the effect occurs on time. In order not to have to wait for the result of taking longer, it is enough to refuse to eat fatty foods before sexual intercourse. Priligy generic drugs are effective only in the presence of sexual stimulation.

What else do you need to know before your appointment?

Dapoxetine is not suitable for patients who have the following diseases::

  • heart disease;
  • impaired kidney or liver function;
  • ischemia or blood diseases;
  • mental disorders.

For this reason, before the course, you should definitely consult a doctor for advice.

Priligy Dosage

Today, the drug is produced in a dosage of 30, 60, 90 milligrams of dapoxetine, which allows each man to choose the right option. The amount of active ingredient depends on how developed the disease is. Increasing the dosage is possible only on the basis of the doctor’s recommendations. The recommended dosage is no more than 60 mg of Priligy per day, but it is better to start with 30 mg.

Interaction of Dapoxetine and other drugs

When using Priligy generics, you need to remember that they have certain side effects that can occur when combined with products. So, alcohol can lead to side effects, including drowsiness, loss of consciousness or migraines. Dapoxetine and some other medications are not compatible:

  • CYP3A4 blockers;
  • serotonin blockers;
  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors;
  • antidepressants. 

Contraindications to admission

Priligy is not recommended for patients who have an allergic reaction to one of these components in the drug. Priligy generic is not prescribed to young people under the age of 18. Dapoxetine will not affect the female body.

Priligy does not directly affect transport management. At the same time, taking it can lead to visual disturbances, fainting or drowsiness, so drivers and pilots need to be careful.

Dapoxetine and side effects

Priligy generics rarely cause adverse reactions among men who follow their doctor’s recommendations exactly. Some of the most common effects include:

  • decline of strength;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • shortness of breath;
  • nausea;
  • runny nose.

Side effects usually have a short duration. If they turned out to be more pronounced, then the patient should definitely contact the attending physician to adjust the dosage. To minimize the risk of negative effects on the body, you should use only original drugs that you can find in our catalog.

Priligy Overdose

Proper use of Dapoxetine will not cause a negative reaction of the body. At the same time, the use of an increased dosage can lead to the fact that the side effects will become more prolonged and pronounced. Overdose involves a mandatory visit to a doctor who will prescribe appropriate symptomatic treatment for the patient.

How to store Dapoxetine?

Room temperature conditions are suitable for storing the drug. The place should be well-ventilated and dark, as well as inaccessible to children. After the expiration date of Priligy, it is forbidden to take a generic drug.


Priligy generics are described on the site for informational purposes only. This article cannot serve as a substitute for a doctor’s consultation. The administration is not responsible for the body’s reactions to self-medication.