Medical Disclaimer

The responsibility of the patient and compliance

With the purchase, I confirm that

  • I have at least 18 years old and are large enough for you to buy medicine
  • According to the laws of my country, I can receive the treatments and/or products that I have requested to receive. In addition, I confirm that it is my responsibility to ensure that my purchase is in accordance with the laws in force in the country in which the treatment and/or medication needs to be imported.

The prescriptions and the medicines that I asked for my medical needs and personal. I confirm that I have need of the requirements for the necessary treatment of the drugs, and that these will not be stored in a greater quantity than the existing one and will not be transferred to third parties.

  • Recently I underwent a medical examination, which was satisfactory for a licensed medical doctor. My medical history was recently evaluated by a doctor. In addition, I confirm that my doctor is available for consultation if this happens to you, and contact you if the follow-up, treatment, or intervention are necessary in the event of complications or problems, or if I have questions relating to the treatment and medicines. They are also conscious of being able to contact your doctor and I will send you an e-mail to let me call a doctor or a pharmacist. I also agree that the your doctor or your representative can contact me for any reason, even if I asked him.
  • I understand the risks, benefits and possible side effects of the prescription drug that I’m requesting. These to me were explained in detail by a qualified health professional. I have also studied the written material and on the internet about these drugs and/or treatments, including a variety of sites and web links that provide complete material.
  • I confirm also that I used drugs and treatments that now I call on previous occasions, and that the use of these has proven to be safe and without side effects. In addition, I confirm that the use was under the supervision of a physician, or vice versa, that the use of the drug is not appropriate for my personal medical needs or physical.

I agree that I will immediately contact my doctor for medical procedures needed in the event of complications or side effects during the use of medication, or in the subsequent period.

  • I agree that I should not take other medicines without the approval of a pharmacy or a doctor. I agree to give the doctor a complete list of the medications that I am taking, including the ones that I ordered on this website. I agree to be fully transparent and accountable in this regard.
  • I agree, I will check my blood pressure at least once every seven days. If my blood pressure is higher than 140/90 (is that the top number is greater than 140 and the bottom number is greater than 90), I’ll stop immediately using this medication and contact a doctor as soon as possible without further ado.
  • I confirm that I have answered and will answer all the questions honestly and to the best of my ability, as if I had a consultation with my doctor. I understand that full transparency is needed to ensure my personal safety.
  • As a further confirmation of the above, I have shown a complete honesty about all the information about my health and about my medical history that are relevant to my request for drugs. So far I have not omitted or misinterpreted any statement of a material fact.
  • I am aware of the risks and benefits associated with the use of medicines or treatments. I have been informed of the possible side effects, risks or benefits of the consumption of drugs. Therefore, I confirm once again that I was recently subjected to a medical examination as far as my physical condition and medical. In so doing, I have provided sufficient information as to whether this consultation had taken place with my doctor face-to-face.
  • I have not been induced or forced to undergo treatment or use of medications or other treatment will be required of me, and I only do it at my discretion.
  • Can I use credit card or other debit card that will be used for the purchase of medicines or treatments, if my application is approved and processed. If the use of the card is not available to you in my name, I confirm that I am a holder or an authorized signature, and you have full authority for the use of this card.

Continuing with this request, I agree to all of the above and that I stick to the terms of this document.