Privacy policy

Privacy and guidelines

In our pharmacy you can find medicinal products and preparations needed to improve your health without pain. But, to help you have the best possible experience, we have a privacy policy. We are responsible for the processing of personal data of the company. This means that the processing and the processing of data must respect the laws and regulations in force. If applicable, this will be indicated in the declaration. It contains information about your rights relating to the conservation of the information relating to you and information on how they are handled in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Private information

To make a transaction at our pharmacy, we will ask for the name of the person, age, and contact information. This is absolutely necessary in order to be able to send you the order that you have made, to inform you about deliveries and possibly contact you if further information is required.

We are required to retain this information in a variety of situations, such as accounting and returns. This means, for example, to store the IP address and the like. The information shall be kept for ten years.

When you require prescription drugs

The preparations for the prescriptions are recorded by the business. This is required by the law on pharmacy. Is stored when the patient’s name, gender, and social security number, the drugs, the dose, etc., Information about any exceptions deductible must be obtained from the websites of the NAV.

In addition, it is registered to the documentation for the price and to any changes related to the product.

You can search for the products that you have ordered in the history of the orders of the profile that you have created.

The rights of customers

You have access to your personal information that are recorded in the files of the pharmacy. This is in accordance with applicable laws. You can ask them for free and then the information must be distributed in a secure manner. This can be done through a secure online connection or through anonymous mail.

You may be asked to transfer this information to a competitor or to another company. This can be done by sending the information directly to the new player, or via e-mail.

You can also delete all the private information at any time. In exceptional cases, the rule will apply if we are obliged to store the information according to other rules.

The same applies for consent, which may be revoked at any time. Everything is available in our online pharmacy if you log on with a user name and a password.

The complaints are to be sent to the Authority, the Norwegian data protection if, in their opinion, the privacy seems to be threatened.

Storage of sensitive data

The law on accounting requires that the data are kept for five years. To protect your rights, your order history is kept for 10 years. This allows you to have things more clear, as a guarantee for the complaints and other conditions of sale.

It is not a thing that we do and that’s it. All the pharmacies retain this information and the information on prescriptions that have been filled for a maximum of five years. The information is used for statistics that no-one is identified. This is in line with the rules on the registration of the requirements. You are also obliged to provide information on the requirements of the applicants to the Health Service, Norwegian, if relevant.

When you buy prescription drugs, which may be refunded, we’re required to provide information so that the pharmacy can receive reimbursement for these requirements. The information can be the number of birth, the name of the article, the dosage, etc.,

How we protect personal information

We have a good routine and measures to protect and ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to sensitive information that has been disclosed. This can lead to physical measures, risk analysis, management and processing of data and information through security measures for electronic.

There is no risk that the information may be lost or fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. Therefore, as a customer, you can be sure that the storage and security of information are managed in accordance with the requirements established.


Cookies are basically data files stored on each device used. They were programmed to improve the customer experience. It may be a simple login and / or information on the card. In addition, cookies help you to find the best deal by registering your research on the web about relevant topics. In this way, we can increase our capabilities, while you as our customers will know the best.

Also, we have third-party cookies, but are only used for statistics and analysis. It is also intended to be used in marketing.

If you are not comfortable with cookies, it is possible to avoid these to work on the device that you are using. This is done by following the instructions of your browser with regard to the use of cookies. If you decide to delete them, the different functions of the pharmacy will not work optimally.

The statistics used in the analysis come from a series of non-personally identifiable information about the customer on the website of the pharmacy. By this we mean data that cannot be linked directly to you as a user. The purpose is to be able to constantly improve and provide a better experience to the customer. This can be, for example, the number of visitors, the duration of the page, the nationality, and the browser used.

Marketing strategies have a number of things to do with this. Of course, there is our interest, but also to be able to provide a service that is relevant and valuable. The content is often adapted to be relevant. Therefore, we can see which ads you have chosen to open and which products can be linked to them. In this way, we can offer a better price and a better service.

At no time will we disclose or share private information about you to any third party. Therefore, your information is completely secure. The exception is if a court requires access.

Changes to this privacy policy

In the event of changes, will be published in a completely revised edition with a new date. We encourage all customers to read carefully, and occasionally the declaration. If there are any important changes you will be notified via e-mail, SMS or other means. This can be done through the accounts that are linked to social media or directly here on the website.

Contact information

If there are other questions for which you have not received a response, you can visit the list of the most frequently asked questions. You also have the possibility to contact us directly through our email address. If you need information, which you have deleted or you want to be distributed, please contact us immediately.